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SEAGLA often receives email asking, "What is it like to live and work in Juneau?"  While the experience varies for each person depending on numerous objectives, there is always a few tidbits that people always want to know about.  This page attempts to answer the most common questions, if you have a specific inquiry you can always CONTACT US.  Check out this page for a webcam pointed at downtown Juneau.

Our site has links to many Alaskan contacts where you can find all kinds of information.   Disclaimer: much of the information on this page is based on personal perceptions, opinions, and experience.  The opinions expressed on this page are not necessarily those of SEAGLA.

So, what is it like to be gay, lesbian or transgender in Juneau...? That is a tough question and would likely be answered differently depending on who you ask. We do have gay pride celebrations and the annual activities are normally held in June. SEAGLA sponsors occasional parties, BBQs, movie nights, potluck dinners, among other things. Check our calendar for more information about current events.

Often people ask about the tolerances of our community, Juneau is I believe, one of the nicest cities in the State.  Of course there are those people who are certain that being gay is a choice, and still struggle with their own acceptance of the fact that gay and lesbian people have always existed. Wouldn't it be great if someday everyone understood that diversity is natural and in fact part of Mother Nature's plan for success of all species on this planet? If you are interested in activism take a look at what is currently going on in Juneau by visiting related areas at this Website.

Meeting Gay or Lesbian People:

The best place to start is to attend SEAGLA or PFLAG events when they occur. Remember to keep coming back and checking our web calendar for updates.

We have a local PFLAG chapter which has a Pride Chorus that is outstanding.  Juneau has numerous political, artisan and social groups in the community.  You can find a listing and links to these organizations on the Alaska Links page.  SEAGLA provides support, and social opportunities for  persons who wish to meet like minded souls. 

Our local theater is wonderful and has much to offer with  progressive choices of quality work.  We have in the past been lucky enough to have some fantastic gay and lesbian story lines in the productions.  We have many local artists and craft persons that offer lots of local color to our diverse community.  

Some people believe you can tell a lot about a town by its radio stations.  We have 6 radio stations, and two and a half local TV stations. We have some of the best public TV and radio you could find anywhere.  We now have 3 public radio stations on FM (KTOO - News and Talk Radio, KRNN- Rain Country Adult contemporary music, and KXLL- Excellent Radio alternative music)

We have no Gay or Lesbian specific bars or night clubs.  If you are interested in Juneau nightlife, you will find establishments that offer a mixed crowd.  For example, the Triangle Club and Jaded are favorites, also people like the Barranof Hotel and sometimes The Rendezvous or the Viking. The Viking has dancing and a more late night crowd, but can also be "rowdy".  If you want to go out but not necessarily to a bar scene try some of our local restaurants for relaxation.   Silverbow Bagels and the Silverbow Backroom offer menus with diversity.  The owners of the Silverbow Backroom have been very supportive of the local gay and lesbian community in Juneau.  So please patronize their restaurant and bakery.  There are other good choices for dining out such as El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant, very good consistent food served here, also for fine dining try the restaurants in the wharf and Pizza Ria Roma and Douglas Island Pub are also very popular Restaurants. To find a nice place to stay when visiting our town, see our visitors page.  SEAGLA offers dances, movie nights, hikes, potlucks and other events at certain times during the year, see our calendar to find out more.

Real Estate:

We are lucky to have a very friendly realtor in Juneau that can help you buy or sell a home. If you looking to move to or from Juneau, you might want to consider talking to our friend Mimi Rothchild she is knowledgeable about real estate offerings in Juneau.

Medical Service:

We are lucky to have a very good hospital that can handle emergencies.  For special treatments or specific care of serious illness, some folks make the personal choice to visit specialists in Seattle or Anchorage.  As for the best information about HIV services in Alaska, please review our GLBT resource links.


We are very fortunate to have the University of Alaska - Southeast headquartered in Juneau.  The campus and student population is growing every year and it offers some really great programs for the residents of Southeast.  We have two high schools in Juneau with less than 000 high school students Juneau-Douglas High School is downtown, and Thunder Mountain high school is located in the Valley area. There are GSA (Gay Straight Alliances) at both high schools. We have 2 Middle Schools (5th - 8th Grades) and several grammar schools in the area.  To learn more visit the Juneau School District website


Summer is great, sometimes it can be rainy, but remember this is a rain forest.   In the summertime the extended daylight is great.  When the ships are in port we often have 10,000 additional people roaming our streets and participating in our community.   The activity is bustling, and there is much to do, hiking, fishing, camping, boating, flying, a simple walk on the beach.  Softball is a passion for many people in this town. 

Winters are difficult for some people.  Depending on your activity level and your need for winter sunshine. Outdoor adventure is one of the most attractive features of living in Alaska. Take a look at the Juneau Photos web site contains images of our area. If you are a skier you might like to visit our local ski area called Eaglecrest, and other winter sports include ice skating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing.  But is does get cold and dark in the Fall and Winter.  So be prepared.   We also have a nice  Swimming Pool and our city has recently built a covered ice rink called the Treadwell Arena.  Many people use wintertime to participate in clubs, charities, and social organizations. 

Cultural Activities:

We have a fabulous local Symphony, a Lyric Opera group, and theater groups. The Alaska Folk Festival is a large and free annual event that means Spring is here! Also each Spring we have another week of music celebrations with Juneau Jazz & Classics, in which many talented artists fly up to Juneau to give Concerts

Employment Opportunities:

If you looking for a job check out this Alaska jobs web page.  There are good opportunities in Government, Tourism, Seafood industry, and many opportunities in the services and hospitality industries.


Juneau has several major chain stores and numerous unique shopping opportunities, you might visit some of the commercial web sites around town to find out more about our gift shops and art galleries.  We have Costco, a huge Fred Meyer, Home Depot, and Walmart. To learn more about Juneau restaurants, hotels, and other amenities try some of the following links:

Juneau Services: best to refer you to the local government web sites.  Juneau does have a full time bus service called Capital Transit and we have several taxi options and rental car services as well.

For more info on Juneau Businesses visit the local business web sites.

If you have a specific question please CONTACT US

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