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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

I have been involved with SEAGLA since the 80's. I have been honored to served on the Board of Directors since 2003 and served as Treasurer since 2005. I have a degree in Business Administration and have served as Chief Financial Officer in a local IT firm since 1990.

I came to Juneau in 1975. At that time there was no gay community. In 1982 I met my husband, Bronze Ickes. Over the early years we were together, we began to see the formation of a community, and eventually SEAGLA was formed. We were both involved in SEAGLA activities and both served on the board. We saw much change in life to LGBTQ+ people over the years from lows, the denial of the right to marry (AK Consitutional Amendment defining Marriage as only between a man and a woman), to highs, the right to marry - which we DID in 2008 in Palm Springs!!

We will continue to support SEAGLA in the years to come. We hope you join us in that mission!


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