Everyone likes to travel and the options are endless. On these pages we have selected a few links of interest based on places we have been or locations that were especially fun and accepting of LGBT travellers that we have personal knowledge of. Some of the links here are based on personal experience, and others on recommendations from friends. This page is not intended to be a site with links to everything, one only needs to search Google for gay travel and will find entire websites devoted to the available options and that will help you plan great trips. If a SEAGLA member has suggestions for an appropriate link to place here, just submit it by email and we will evaluate it for posting here. Ideally travel to a gay destination or staying at a gay owned B&B can be really fun and these kind of places exist in many, many locations all over the world. Also travelling with the main stream and living your travelling life just as any other traveller would is also fun. Get out there and enjoy the world where and when you can, no matter where your travels take you be yourself and have fun and be safe.

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